Sunday, 31 August 2014

What Is the Mystery behind a Lunar Eclipse?

Welcome back my fellow learners, today we are going to learn about what all the fuss is about regarding lunar eclipses.

All through time people have been awed by solar and lunar eclipses. For just a few brief moments when the heavens are cast into shadow, is the stuff of myth and mystery, and many legends have been borne. While solar eclipses feature prominently in some prophecies and world-wide event, the spiritual impact can be more immediate and profound than any eclipse of the sun.

So perhaps it is not that surprising given it is the shadow of the Earth which actually blocks out the warm rays of the sun. As we mere mortals who inhabitant this fragile blue orb, find ourselves caught between the energies of Old Sol and Luna, the emotional, psychical and spiritual effects become tenfold.

The effects of a lunar eclipse reach us on a psychical and physiological level. The same as the pull of the moon pulls and pushes the tide, influence the elements, and have many other geological impacts, the passing of the Earth between the Sun and the Moon magnifies energies on peoples body, mind and heart. The Moon is sometimes referred to a a celestial body of our emotions, habits, intuition, and subconscious mind, they all function in direct response to any events and feelings which come at us from the exterior world.

Eclipses need to be seen not just as singular astrological events, but in context with other actions and subsequent reactions which are happening within the cosmos. To start with, individuals should look at what sign the lunar eclipse happens in. In Western astrology, each sign comes with a element, of either earth, fire, water and air. Also, each of these elemental groups are divided into being either Cardinal, Mutable or Fixed.

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