Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Is Global Warming Fact Or Fiction?

Welcome back my fellow learners, today we are going to learn about global warming, fact or fiction?

The study of our mother earth’s history is not a subject to be taken lightly. We have to know more if we hope to salvage the environmental crises which now faces the human race.

Now a days you can hardly turn on the television, open a newspaper or online, without being getting confronted with global warming predictions. In his 2006, Al Gore the former U.S Vice President hosted an Oscar winning documentary named An Inconvenient Truth, warning us that global warming is a strong and imminent threat to the earth, and painted an alarming picture with which mankind will ultimately destroy all life on earth. However, will mankind suffer the heat of global warming, or will we face another ice age?

No matter what mankind faces, one thing is clear, and that is global warming is a complex and emotionally charged problem, which most people want to ignore and pretend does not exist. New claims appear in the press with mind numbing regularity, leaving many people unsure what to believe any more. However, one thing is glaringly clear, and that is if the human race does not sit up and do something about the way we are destroying mother earth, mother earth will eventually throw us off her back.

If a scientist believes in the billions of years of earth history, they will assume, for instance, that polar ice needed thousands of years to build up to what it is today. Scientists that believe in the account of Noah’s Flood, believe ice appeared shortly after the Flood. Depending on their notions, equally skilled scientists do reach different conclusions.

In the global warming debate, it is vital to separate fact from what people want to interpret. We hear a great deal about Co2 emission, and greenhouse gases, but we hardly every hear the facts which are behind the hype.

We as a race have to face up to the fact, that if we don't do something soon, then there will be nothing left to leave to our future children. Expect a distant memory of what it used to be like before greed and industry destroyed everything. 

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