Monday, 16 June 2014

Why All Fox Hunting Should Be Banned

Welcome back my fellow learners, today we are going to speak about something that just makes my blood boil, the barbaric sport of fox hunting, which I may mention is only done by the rich and shameless.

There is an estimated 200 fox hunts performed in Britain alone, each one hunting between 2 to 4 times per week. The main seasons are from November till March, although some do continue until May.
The hunt gathers in the morning, although. The huntsman leads the hounds to a wood or covert. The hounds are then sent out into the woods to flush out the foxes. As all their underground escape routes have already been blocked, the fox is forced to run. Riders positioned themselves around the wood shouting to alert the huntsman which direction the fox has run.

Should the poor and terrified fox manage to locate refuge, the hunt have terriermen that put their terriers down to force the fox back into the open to be re-hunted all over again, or these dogs will attack the fox while the men dig down to catch the terrified animal. Once they have flushed the fox out, the terriermen can then either shoot it, but simply bludgeon it using a spade. (and these poor excuses for human beings call themselves the elite?). It is also know though frowned upon (wow you do surprise me) the poor unsuspecting fox with be thrown to the waiting starved hounds.

The only way to stop fox hunting at this present time is by sabotaging it. The best campaigning will mean nothing to the thousands of foxes and animals that are chased towards a violent and bloody death in the meantime. After thirty years, hunt saboteurs have honed their skills in the art of saving lives via sabotage. The tactics are basic, but can be mastered eventually.

The tactics range from spraying scents to disguise the hunted fox, imitating the huntsman's voice and horn to control the hounds, sitting on a fox earth to stop them from being dug out, a stereo attached to an amplifier and loud hailer is sometimes used to play recordings of the hounds to encourage them away from foxes. This inhumane sport has to stop, don't you think the rich have enough fun, if this is what fun is called in those circles now. 

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