Monday, 30 June 2014

Do You Believe In The After Life?

Welcome back my fellow learners. Today we are going to look at the age old question, is there life after death?

Ghosts are a manifestation of supposed life after death. Though specifics do vary, a ghost is understood to be the spirit or soul of person, or even an animal.

Ghost are said to linger only when a person has died in a traumatic way, or when their burial was disturbed before it was finished, or sometimes just because it wants to. Which begs the question, with so many people dying horrific deaths, why then is the planet not infested with them? There are disruptive ghosts which are referred to as poltergeists. Some even believe ghosts are demons, or bad angels in disguise.

Not all beliefs around the world allow spirits to linger after death. The idea in some spiritualist circles and many Christian also is that ghosts are the spirits of our loved ones watching over us even from the grave.

In point of fact, ghosts are not limited just to religion. Because they cross several lines, ghosts are also popular in films, books and other culture manifestations. Ghosts have been gaining in popularity since the 21st century.

Any study of death begs an fundamental question, why do people have to die in the first place?

Indeed, death is the biggest mystery of all time. Every religion, philosophy, and spiritual train of thought has tried to find out this answer. It is a subject which touches life of every man and woman, uniting the human race under a cloud of mortality. The rich and poor alike all meet the same end, black and white both end up in the grave, powerful and humble are all destined to leave eventually.

So there you have it my lovelies, no matter who you are, or how powerful you may think you are, the grim reaper always gets the last laugh. 

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