Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Decline Of Bees

Welcome back my fellow learners, today we are going to talk about environmental issues, and the decline of the bee is a big part of it believe it or not.

Bee keeps have noticed worldwide since the 1990s, the sudden mysterious disappearance of bees, and have said that there is an extremely high rate of honeybee colonies.

Pesticides have played a big part in killing off bees. The biggest reasons for global bee disappearances can be strongly linked to industrial agriculture, pathogens and the extreme climate change. The wide spread use of pesticides that kill bees are particular threats for every honeybee and wild pollinators.

To protect our bees we have to move away from destructive industrial agriculture, and move more towards ecological farming. First steps would be to ban all bee pesticides, create a bee action program, and lastly, push for ecological farming

Bees and other similar insects play essential role in our ecosystems. A third of our food strongly depend on their pollination. A world without these is devastating for all food production.

After all, who else could pollinate all crops? Hand-pollination is labour intensive, slow and very expensive. The economic value of pollination via bees has been estimated around 265 billion Euro annually, and this folks is worldwide. So, from a purely economic outlook, it does actually benefit us to protect bees.

Bee killing pesticides pose the greatest risk to these tiny pollinators. The main reason for global bee disappearance is strongly linked to industrial agriculture, pathogens and climate change.

Although the role of insecticides linked with the global decline of pollinators stay brushed under the carpet, it is getting increasingly evident some insecticides, that are concentrated routinely in the current chemical agriculture system, give negative effects on the safety of pollinators, both individually and at colony level.

So there you go my lovelies, this gives you food for thought, pardon the pun, that these tiny insects are directly linked to humankind's survival.

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