Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Who Invented The Wheel?

Welcome back my fellow learners, when we look around, we all take for granted the one item that is the most used in the whole world, and that is the basic wheel. However, how exactly did this basic item first come into being? And by whom?

They say that it was the Mesopotamians in 3500BC that first thought up the wheel. And since then it still remains the most crucial invention of all time. If you think on it, how many things do we own that have wheels on? The most obvious answer would be a car or motorbike. However, there are other things that most people don't consider, such as tables, chairs, washing machines, WHAT I hear you say, well if you look more closely on the basic workings of a washing machine, you will find out that they too have tiny wheels inside them, helping millions across the world to look and smell great.

Nearly every appliance that has been built since the start of the Industrial Revolution involves a basic principle embodied of mankind’s truly significant invention. It’s difficult to imagine any system that would be possible without the wheel or symmetrical component moving in a circular motion. From watch gears to cars, jet engines and computer drives, the principle is all the same.

The earliest indications of the wheel was found depicted on ancient clay tablets, and believe it or not but the first wheel was actually a potters wheel, a crude but effective prototype of today's wheel. This was seen in Mesopotamia, also known today as Iraq. This invention was taken and upgraded to use on the Mesopotamian chariots. However, one interesting fact is that the wheel was not actually invented for vehicles at the time.
A spoked wheel first appeared in Egypt around 2000 BC on their chariots. The great Inca, Aztec and Maya civilizations some how reached an extremely high level of development, without ever having to use the wheel. In fact, there is absolutely no evidence that the wheel ever existed among native people in the Western Hemisphere.
So there you have it folks, however, it does beg on question, how did the Aztec and Maya people reach their level of development without ever having to resort to the wheel, and who exactly taught them, this is what really boggles the boffins minds.

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