Wednesday, 23 April 2014

What Cocaine Does To A Person

Welcome back my fellow learners, today is a serious subject close to my heart, the use of cocaine and what it does to a person. In my life I have seen the utter destruction drugs have done to some very good friends, some even leading to fatalities, there is nothing more worse than watching a good friend pass away in your arms all because of this stupid drug.

It is reported that approximately 14% of adults living in the United States today have tried coke at least once in their lives. This heinous drug is responsible of more emergency room visits than any other drug on the market today. The long term effects on the internal organs of a person body is horrendous, and also the over spill onto family and friends is felt.

I have to add a personal note here friends, people who use this drug either need serious help due to a major crisis in their life, or are too stupid to know better. We have all heard the saying “I can stop whenever I want”, this is total bull crap, once the monkey is on your back you are in trouble. So don't be pushed due to peer pressure to even trying this drug, it may end up costing you your life.

Okay, the short term effect of cocaine are rapid, especially to the brain. It does and will interfere with all the nerves in the brain, and prevents chemicals like serotonin and dopamine from being absorbed, this leads to the feeling of being high.

Symptoms to look for in a cocaine user are:-

Constricted blood vessels
    Dilated pupils
    Increase in heart rate
    Increase in blood pressure
    Increase in body temperature

Cocaine leads to heart attacks, even in the very young and healthy. Taking vast amounts of cocaine can cause erratic and violent behaviour. These users could experience tremors, muscle spasms, paranoia, and even vertigo. Cocaine can also impact on a persons sex drive.

Long-term use lead to arrhythmia, heart attacks, strokes, seizures, headaches, ulcers, nausea, and even fatality. Long-term use can destroy the kidney and liver.

Finally how a person uses cocaine can also lead to side effects. Snorting coke up your nose can cause a person to lose their smell, create nosebleeds, and in extreme cases destroy you septum.

Injecting create puncture marks which by the way never go away, and collapse veins.

So there you have it folks, before taking that evil white powder into your body remember what you have read here, and ask yourself “IS IT WORTH YOU LIFE”?

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