Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Some Of The Most Powerful Gladiators In History

Welcome back my fellow learners, today we are going to go more in-depth into my favourite part in history, yep you guessed it my blood thirsty Romans.

Back in the hey day of Rome, gladiators were the superstars of their time. Their epic battles drew in thousands of people everyday. These men were originally bought as slaves, and then trained in the arena, a successful gladiator could gain the support of many, and even be showered with lavish gifts, and on occasion earning their freedom, however, this was rare, after all why give the freedom of one earning you so much money.

This unknown was discovered purely by accident via graffiti in 1817 in Pompeii, Tetraites was recorded due to his victory over Prudes. Depicted using a sword, helmet, arm and shin guards and brandishing a rectangle shield, this was known as murmillones style fighting. However, the extent of Tetraites fame was not known until the late 20th century when pottery was unearth in France and England that showed his true victories

Spiculus, another infamous gladiator was reported to have a close friendship with none other than the Emperor Nero. Due to Spiculus endless victories, Nero was said to have given him palaces, slaves and riches. However, this friendship was doomed to last, due to the fact when Nero was finally dethroned in 68AD, he sent his closest aides out to find Spiculus so he would die at the hands of a friend not the enemy, however, the search proved fruitless and Nero ended up taking his own life.

Marcus Attilius
Even though he was a Roman citizen through birth, Marcus choose to become a gladiator because he was heavily in debt. In his very first battle he defeated a gladiator known to be owned by Nero, this gladiator was a 13 times champion in the arena, Marcus went on defeating champions right until the end. His life as a gladiator was recorded in mosaics and graffiti that was unearthed in 2007.

And I saved the best for last, my firm favourite Spartacus, many an epic film was made about this man, (however, my favourite was played by Kirk Douglas).

everyone has heard about this legendary gladiator, he began life as a Thracian soldier, who was captured and then sold as a slave. Lentulus Batiatus of Capua recognized talent when he saw it, because he bought him for the sole purpose of using him as a gladiator. However, despite the odds this warrior’s fierce independence shone through and he would not give up his bid from freedom. In 73BC he persuaded nearly 100 of his fellow gladiators these included Crixus. As a result of this revolt their master was murdered, allowing the gladiators to escape to freed to Mount Vesuvius.

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