Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Signs Of Child Abuse And What Steps To Take To Aid Recovery

Welcome my fellow learners, today we are going to talk about something which most people want to sweep under the rug. Child abuse is rife in today’s society, and burying our heads in the sand is just not acceptable.

Most abusers believe it or not are some type of family member, whether it be an Uncle, Nephew and even in some cases Fathers and Mothers.  But I have to say, what the hell can an adult see in an innocent child is totally beyond me. However, sexual abuse is just the tip of the iceberg, there are other forms of abuse that are just as heinous. Such as physical and mental abuse.

In material of what form the abuse comes in, harming a precious gift like a child, can be soul destroying for the child. With intensive counselling some children can bounce back, albeit damaged and their innocence gone forever. Below are some symptoms of abuse, so if you see any of these signs in friends or family member’s children, your duty is to report it to the right authorities.

1. Unexplained injuries. Visible signs of abuse may include bruises or burns, and the explanation of how they were received are tenuous.

2. Radical behaviour changes. Abuse can changes the way a child behaves. Abused children could appear scared, depressed, withdrawn or even aggressive.

3.  Abused children may regress to thumb-sucking, and bed-wetting, or in some severe cases memory loss or failure to speak.

4. Using excuses for not going home. Abused children may show apprehension or anxiety when leaving school, or going out with their abuser.

5. Developing eating disorders. Extreme stress, fear and anxiety can change a child’s eating habits, which result in weight gain or loss.

6. Changes in sleeping patterns. Abused children could develop sleeping problems, such as difficulty falling asleep, or nightmares.

7. Performance and attendance in school. Difficulty concentrating, or have unexplained absences, sometimes due to adults hiding the child’s injuries.

8. Neglecting personal hygiene. Abused or neglected children appear uncared for. They may have dirty clothes on and bad body odour.

9. Inappropriate behaviour. Sexually abused children could start to exhibit overly sexual behaviour or use sexual language uncommon in their age group.

Ok, above are just some signs to look out for, so come on people, these kids are our future, they are supposed to be treasured and nurtured, not broken and neglected.

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