Monday, 10 March 2014

The History Of Religion

Welcome back my fellow learners. Today we are going to look into the controversial subject of religion. Whether you are a believer or not, religion in any shape or form is here to stay.

The oldest religion known to man is still being practiced today is Hinduism. The Egyptians were the first on record to practice religion, and their first God was Ra, the sun God, followed by Shu the God of Air, the Goddess of moisture Tefnut, Geb the God of Earth, and last was the Goddess of the sky Nut. Now this Ra wanted to marry Nut, however, she was in love with Geb, so Ra separated the lovelorn lovers, these Romeo and Juliet pair could only meet when night fell, however, this did not stop them from having 3 sons, Osiris, Set And Horus, and Isis and Nephthys their 2 daughters. What followed after this basically consisted of incest murder and blood shed, so not much has changed since then (well maybe the incest bit), since religion is the most blood thirsty of all wars. And still is. Why people think that killing each other in the name of religion is going to solve anything is totally beyond me. Don’t get me wrong I am Switzerland when it comes to religion, however, the wars that have been started due to this is what I am against.

Anyway back to the history lesson. So where was I?

Ah yes, the Phoenician tale of the god Baal who does a Jesus and comes back to life, just to battle Yamm who created havoc in 2750BCE

This ongoing theme of life-after-death gained the greatest fame through St. Paul who spread the word of Jesus throughout ancient Palestine, Greece and Rome.

Christianity gave people hope of an afterlife, and instigated a set of rituals by which people could gain everlasting life. However, early Christians were following unbeknownst to them in the footsteps of the Egyptians, Sumerians, Phoenicians and Greeks all of which had their own rituals for worshiping their gods. Then came the Muslims who instituted their own rituals for understanding their deity which, even though different from Christianity, Judaism or any other pagan religions, followed the same principle as the rituals once practiced by the Egyptian goddess Hathor in 3000BCE, religion basically give human beings the understanding they were not alone in their suffering and triumphs.

However, on a personal note, the most bloodshed in any war was done by that little house painter, also known as Hitler. Hitler towards the end became deeply involved in the Occult. Spending resources and men looking for the Spear of Christ, thinking this would give him an edge over his losing battle in the war. His persecution of the Jews was unprecedented, even his own men in the end plotted against him.

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