Thursday, 6 February 2014

What Type Of Roofing Material To Choose For Your Climate

Hello my fellow learners, and welcome back. In my last article I talked about the history of roofs, this one is a continuation of it but more in-depth. I have a friend that recently moved from Spain to Bulgaria. Her and her husband decided to build their own house using a plot of land they purchased.  Now we all know, (or should do) that the climates in these 2 countries are vastly different. Bulgaria has all 4 seasons, but their summers last longer. Depending on what part of Bulgaria you reside, in will depend on what kind of weather you get. Anyway I digress, as I was saying they built their own house and made one huge colossal mistake, her husband installed a flat roof.

So what I hear you saying! Flat roofs are notorious for leaking if not done by a professional, that has the right amount of angle and venting to allow water to disperse. Below is a list of what type of materials are better suited to different climates. 

Clay Tiles 
This type of roofing material is better suited to hotter climates, such as California, Arizona and New Mexico. These tiles are known to resist most insects, rot, fire, mold and in some cases depending on how well maintained they are, even time. However, hold your horses, the drawbacks with this type of roofing is the weight! If you have matchsticks for support beams for your roof, then you will definitely have to get them either replaced or reinforced, otherwise your roof will end up in your living room.

Sheet metal has been around for centuries. It is known to keep houses warm by reflecting the heat, and also keeping them cool.  But, if you are anything like me, all I can picture are the ugly metal sheets I used to see on industrial buildings years ago. But, stop the press, with today’s technological advances sheet metal is now manufactured to be astatically pleasing to the eye, and comes in a rainbow of choices for color.

Asphalt Shingles
This is the most common roof material available, due to the fact the price compared to their counterparts is very attractive. It is also durable and again comes in a variety of colors. This material can be utilized in any climate, however, depending on the quality of the asphalt you could find over time that the sand like granules will start to come off.

So people, using this information, please be aware the next time you decide to re-new your roof, always speak to a reputable roofing contractor for the best materials suited for your climate.

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