Monday, 10 February 2014

What Are Sidings And Do We Really Need Them?

Hello my fellow learners. Today we are going to discuss the value of roof sidings, and do we really need them, or is the housing or roofing industry just scamming us for more money.

I don’t know the average age group of the people who read my blog, but if you were born more than 40 years ago, or even longer, many of you will remember the way houses used to be built. Just look at some of the older period houses that are still around now, I don’t seem to recall seeing much siding on these, there were a few but not many. Is this just another gimmick for home owners to spend their hard earned money on? Only time will tell. 

Before siding, houses were built to withstand all climates, having properly done damp proof courses, and using materials to ensure the interior of a home was waterproofed.  Many years ago, in a little country called England, there was a craze for a while for stone cladding to be put on the exterior of homes. Done correctly this gave the home amazing curb appeal. However, it turned out that year’s later people started noticing damp on the insides of their homes. It turns out, that this revolutionary cladding was actually absorbing the moisture through the stone and trapping it. Also, when all this came to light, people looking to sell their homes having this cladding on, it were finding it incredibly difficult to sell. As most surveyors could not tell what was happening underneath the cladding.

Anyway, enough of my rant, if you haven’t already guessed it, I personally don’t like the idea of sidings. But that is just my personal opinion.

So on to what kind of siding is available, and what their advantages and disadvantages are?
They say that any home improvements or repairs done will only improve the value of it. However, can one person’s style really appeal to everyone?  According to public opinion sidings can improve the appearance, curb appeal and value of a home.

The most common materials available for sidings are wood, asbestos (which totally amazes me since when has this material ever been safe?) aluminum, vinyl, hardboard composite, fiberglass, and cement fiber.

Asbestos thank the lord is no longer used, fiberglass and hardboard composite have been replaced by aluminum, wood and vinyl.  

I just want to add a little note that if this siding was so revolutionary, then why not make it in vinyl, aluminum, and wood in the first place.

Ok let's take a closer look at the 3 I have just mentioned.

Wood and beveled wood is one of the oldest sidings ever to be used, however, even though done right it can look incredibly beautiful, the maintenance is extremely high. Being made from wood, it can rot, and will need regular painting to keep up its appearance.

Aluminum siding is lower in maintenance, comes in a wide range of colors, and the good thing is that it is already pre-painted, however, due to this material, denting can be a major concern. And I quite frankly think it makes a house look like a pre war big bomb shelter.

Last but not least is vinyl, which to be honest, of all the choices that are available I prefer this one. It’s cheaper, comes in a range of colors, and can be installed horizontally or vertically, unlike its counterparts. However, the biggest drawback with this is it’s prone to cracking in cold climates.

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