Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Can Love Be Defined By Science?

Welcome back my fellow learners, today we are going to learn about the scientific definition of LOVE!

Some people fear the scientific definition of love. They assume it will take away all the magic and mystery. I suggest that there is nothing to be scared about. Scientific definitions should they affect the public will only help to put people in touch with more things to wonder about. More commonly it gives people ways to be more accurate about somethings most of us do not understand or comprehend. And with that in mind let’s begin with the science and definition of love.

Human brains neurochemically and neuroelectrically compute everything that we do including love. A large amount of evidence is slowly be built which shows healthy real love creates all kinds of healthy neurochemical and biological things to occur. There is also an enormous amount of research showing the lack of real love in the lives’ of creatures can cause serious dysfunction and at rare times death. Not only this, we already know there are some things that are connected with love that causes all kinds of different neurochemical changes within a brain, which will then influence the biochemistry of a persons body. All this says is that one day the brain and biological sciences will be able to provide us something of a physiologically based definition of love. Hopefully such a definition will be understood by the masses, and maybe put to practical use with relationships. 

New discoveries add to our understanding of love, and how it is processed in the brain. This may also prove to be helpful medically. Currently research is not sufficient to be able to describe, let alone define love scientifically. In point of fact, we may never be able to do this, due to the fact love could be a phenomenon which is processed by the brain, but not however, created by it. But, every year several scientific disciplines are constantly finding new things out which relates to love. These discoveries offer us trend evidence as to what love is all about, and these discoveries could be quite useful.

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