Monday, 8 September 2014

Roswell – Fact or Fiction?

Welcome back my fellow learners, today we are going to learn about Roswell, what really happened there, and are we alone in this vast universe?

This blog is provide the most interesting facts about the Roswell UFO Crash in July 1947. According to the US government the Rowell incident is explained away by a weather balloon from a classified program known as Mogul. Since people know very little about the eye witnesses which have come forward over the past decades, this should be an interesting journey for anybody wanting to know more on this controversial subject.

The first aspect is that there was not just one crash site, but two, this was confirmed by witnesses working at Roswell Air Base at the time. Apart from these two sites there are another two, which could fall into the category of alleged sites. There are rumours on further crash sites but these will not be discussed in this blog.

The first site was around 30 to 40 miles north of Roswell
The second 75 miles north-west
The third 50 miles west of Roswell
The fourth around 200 miles west of Roswell

Walter G. Haut was born in 1922, and stationed at the Roswell Army Air Base, New Mexico as the Public Information Officer in 1947. He signed an a affidavit to be released upon his death. In it he made the following statements.

On July 7th 1947 a crashed vehicle was reported to the base, and Major Jesse Marcel was sent to investigate. On the same afternoon, more civilians reported a second crash site just north of Roswell. In a meeting on July 8th Jesse Marcel reported a debris field 75 miles North West of Roswell. Colonel William Blanchard reported on a second site just 40 miles north of Roswell. Samples of the debris was passed around, they appeared to be metal foil, however they were absurdly strong, the debris had markings on it also. It was decided upon to divert attention from the more important site north of Roswell, due to the fact too many outsiders had heard about it.

On July 8th Colonel Blanchard gave a press release to Walter Haut that stated, we have a flying saucer which came from a ranch north west of Roswell, and the debris was sent by Jesse Marcel to headquarters. After the press release was sent, Walter's telephone began to receive calls worldwide, Colonel Blanchard found out about the interest and told Walter to go home. Before he left Colonel Blanchard took Walter Haut to a hanger, in which he saw an egg shaped object around 12 to 15 feet in length, and 6 feet high. He also say many dead alien bodies the same size of 10 year old children.

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