Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Food Which Is Actually Bad For You

Welcome back my fellow learners. Today I thought I would talk about what food is doing to our planet.

We all know what types of food is bad for you, and people know to eat them in moderation to remain healthy. But, there are several foods which are bad for Mother Earth's health.

Rice is the huge calorie source for over half the world’s population, however, growing it accounts for nearly one third of the earth's annual freshwater. Luckily, new farming techniques called System of Rice Intensification has been created which allows farmers to produce nearly 50% more rice using less water.

Genetically modified foods
As with most health risks, it’s not likely that all the potential environmental harm of genetically modified foods have been seen yet, however, there are some concerns on GMOs.

Lower level of biodiversity, by ensuring a crop is resistant to pests, the food source for other animals may be taken away, and the addition of foreign genes in plants may be toxic and dangerous to animals which consume the plant.
Spread of altered genes, novel genes in crops don't stay in agricultural fields. The can spread via pollen and share their genetically altered genes with unmodified plants.

Creation of new diseases, some of these foods are modified with the help of bacteria and viruses, this means they may adapt and make new diseases.

Over 145 millions tons of sugar is made in 121 countries every year, and production such as this is taking its toll on Mother Earth. Sugar could be responsible for biodiversity loss than any crop, due to its intensive use of water and pesticides, and polluted waste water which is discharged in the production process. Thousands of acres of Florida Everglades have been destroyed after years of sugar cane farming, subtropical forests are lifeless marshland after too much fertilizer run off and irrigation drainage. Water around the Great Barrier Reef has suffered due to the quantities of pesticides and sediment discharged from sugar farms.

So there you have it my lovelies, next time you reach for the sugar, remember what you have read here and think!

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