Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Who Were The Red Indians And What Happened To Them?

Welcome back my fellow learners, today's article is about the legendary Red Indians, and who they were and what happened to them. However, most of us have watched the movies or documentaries, and know what or should I say who happened to them.

The American Indians as most of us know where the first settlers of America. They were there long before being invaded by infidels, some say more than a million years before. Over those thousands of years, they splintered and formed different cells, that lived and hunted on this once fertile land.

The majority of them were a peaceful and lived for family, creativity and prayer. They worshipped the land and revered nature. They looked on nature and her bounty as a gift from the gods, and firmly believed it should be protected and treated correctly. However, the origins of the Indians still remains a mystery. Some say they migrated as far back as the prehistoric times, via the Bering Strait Bridge, or even from Siberia. However, this is just hearsay.

Sadly, this peaceful and loving race was doomed the second Europeans invaded. These usurpers drove the Indians from their land, and this once peaceful and proud race were forced to fight. Many wars were fought and lost because of this. And some Indians even befriended the white men.

However, their fate was sealed, in 1830 Andrew Jacksons removal act forced the once proud race to the Western part of the country.

However, after many centuries, the American Indians are finally getting the recognition and respect they sorely deserve, with Museums being erected countrywide showing exactly who and what this once proud nation once was.

Once again this just goes to show, what exactly men are capable of, many atrocities were done against the Indians, even to their women and children. The white man should be ashamed of themselves, after all they were the guests not the other way around. But it just proves how greedy and bloodthirsty the Americans are, and even today, some things have not changed.

The only difference is, the wars are fought in boardrooms first before the killing begins.

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